Fuel Check Valve
1981 928

I replaced the fuel check valve this weekend (4/29/01). It's located behind and under the gas tank at the rear of the car with the fuel pump. After leaving the car parked for a few months this winter, I decide to go for a test drive. I noticed gasoline leaking out of the fuel pump cover. After tighting all the fittings, and still having gas drip from the end of the fuel pump (even when not running) I called Susan at DEVEK. Susan suggested I get the check valve kit, it includes a new check valve and all new washers. The washers should stop the leaking, and the check valve will help the system hold the fuel pressure (stop the gas from going back to the tank).

The fuel pump has a metal cover (see fuel filter) which is held on by 2 10mm nuts. I had a 24"x24" catch basin under the fuel lines when I disconnected them to stop the gas from dripping on the garage floor as well as vise grips on the fuel line between the gas tank and fuel filter. To remove the check valve I had to remove the fuel filter, disconnect the bottom electrical wire on the fuel pump (to get a little more room), remove the 19 mm nut on the end of the check valve, then remove the check valve (17 mm). To install the new check valve (with 3 new copper washers) I just reversed the order.

By the way, it's a good idea to disconnect the negative lead from the battery before you start and work in a well ventilated area.

It costs about $12.50 (same as the fuel filter) and took about 30 mins. to install.

Fuel filter cover off and fuel filter and pump exposed:

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written: 05/03/01
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