928 Battery
1981 928

Last month (8/99) I left the fog lights on and drained the battery. After asking around to find someone with jumper cables who could provide a jump, I opened the hood and didn't find the battery. Feeling stupid I got out the Owner's Manual and looked up battery. It said it was in the back. Opening the hatch and moving the deck cover revealed the spare tire but no battery. I then went back to my office and looked on all the 928 Web sites and found a mention of the battery being located under the spare tire. To help other neophyte 928 owners, here's some pictures. You'll notice I got my own jumper cables now.

I also found that there is a remote jump point in the front of the car that can be used without getting to the battery, and as Jerry Schuryk points out is probably safer. Some people use this as a place to mount a trickle charger.

For more information about the 928 battery from Simon and the folks on the Rennlist.

May 23, 2000

I replaced the battery today. The battery was not holding a charge. I checked the Interstate site to find a local dealer. I called several and found the best price at the distributor in Oakland. They also had the battery in stock, while the other retailers would have to order it. I got a MD88-60 battery. It replaced the MD88-50 in the early 928s. It took only 10 minutes to replace, using a 13 mm open ended wrench. I also replaced the battery ground strap at the same time (ordered from DEVEK). The battery was $90 and the ground strap was $32.

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