Shift Knob
1990 928 S4

October 5, 2003

When I bought the car it came with a Carbon Fiber "Look" shifter handle. I was an improvement over the stock handle I had in the 81, but still not what I wanted. I had heard good things about the Jager Engineering shift knob, so I decided to order one. I contacted the company using their web site, and was answered by Ches Pitt, Product Manager, and we worked out the details.

To remove the existing knob I unscrewed the collar on the old shifter, and loosened the allen head set screws and pulled off the handle. I then removed the plunging rod.

The Jager shifter include the Shift Knob, collar, magnetic plunging rod, allen wrench, and instructions. After inserting the plunging rod and slipping the collar over the shifter shaft, I slide the handle onto the shifter shaft to the disired height and tightened the three allen head screws.

The whole process took less then half an hour.

New Shift Handle Installed

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written: 11/25/02
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