Rollbar with Camera Mount
1990 928 S4

August 20, 2001

Rules for the Grand Sport Class of openroadracing requires a rollbar in the car. It is also required (or recommended) for may other forms of auto racing. So in preparation for the September 2001 Pony Express II event, I installed a rollbar. I decided to use the rollbar distributed by DEVEK along with the optional camera mount. It's especially designed to fit in the 928, and can be removed and reinstalled as necessary (important for when not racing and carrying kids).

Before I started, I removed the carpet in the back, removed the sunroof motor cover, moved the seats forward, and placed cardboard over the rear air conditioning unit. The rollbar comes in three main pieces, rollbar and two supports, and assorted mounting hardware. The tools required to do in the install are: assorted wrenches and sockets, drill and drill bits, and a helper to assist in getting the rollbar in and positioned. The rollbar comes with installation instructions, including illustrations.

I had Dennis Kao (my navigator) help me. He was inside the car, while I passed the rollbar in through the opened hatch. Once inside the rollbar needs to be rotated (90 degrees) and flipped (90 degrees) and positioned on the floor. Then the rear shock mount covers (and harness mounts) need to be removed and the supports positioned. A metal sleeve is then slid over the joint and two holed drilled for the bolts that hold it together. Before tighening those bolts, the rollbar needs to be in the right place on the floor. Then 3 holed need to be drilled through the floor on each side. I then placed 3 bolts through the rollbar base and the floor, attached a backing plate under the car, and secured the nuts. After making sure everything was lined up correctly, I tightened all the bolts.

Next I attached all the racing harnesses, the shoulder belts on each side to the horizontal cross members and one lap belt to the diagonal brace on the passenger side. For the other passenger side lap belt and crotch belt and had to drill a couple of holes and install eye bolts. The camera mount then was mounted onto the diagonal cross brace. It's held on by 4 bolts through the base and a pair of U shaped brackets.

The whole process took a couple of hours and cost about $600 (rollbar with camer mount).

The rollbar installed

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written: 02/20/02
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