Aluminum Pedals
1990 928 S4

February 17, 2002

George Young of produces a line of Aircraft Aluminum pedals for the 928 (and other Porsches). Last week I got the 928 Auto set. This includes the accelerator and brake pedals, assorted mounting hardware and installation instructions.

Before I began, I moved the steering column/instrument pod as far up as possible and the seat as far back as possible to give me more room to work. I then started by removing the floormat and carpet from the driver's side foot well. I then removed the rubber pad on the brake pedal. I removed the two 10 mm bolts that hold the accelerator pedal to the floor, and pulled the ball joint out of the bottom of the pedal.

I removed the ball joint shaft (9 mm) and slide it through the pedal stop and attached it to the back of the accelerator pedal with 2 3mm phillips head screws (included). I then reinstalled the ball joint shaft and bolted the accelerator pedal to the floor. There are three positions that the accelerator can be installed, I chose the middle position.

The brake pedal cover is then bolted to the bare metal brake pedal. I drilled two holes through the pedal with a 3/16" drill bit, then installed the cover using the 2 included allen bolts.

The entire process took about 40 minutes. The pedals are available through DEVEK for $90.00.

The old pedals

The new pedals installed

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written: 02/17/02
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