Porsche Letters
1990 928 S4

March 29, 2002

While going to different automotive events I take lots of pictures. The cars, the location, the people, and my S4. I've noticed that's it's difficult to tell my car from other white 928 S4s at these events. Now I like the looks of the car very much, so I don't what to change it too much. So I decided to just add some visual cues. The first is add color to the PORSCHE letters on the back. I've noticed several people selling these on ebay, so I decided to contact a couple to see if they had BLUE ones.

Well Paul (paul@ast.jagrove.com) said he did, so after a few emails back and forth I arranged to have some glossy blue ones sent to me from Malta. They arrived on March 18th, and I installed them today.

I started by cleaning the back real well with 409 then Windex. I arranged the letters on the wing then started with the P. I removed the paper from the back, carefully placed the letter into the recess, and used a chop stick to press in the middle of the letter, then worked my way to the edges.

I carefully worked my way through the letters, trying to make sure not to get any air bubbles trapped under the letters. After I got through the H I thought about leaving it that way so people would know it's a Poorsh, but did the E anyway.

It took about an hour to get all the letters on and it cost $14.00 including the shipping.

Before Picture

After Picture

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written: 03/29/02
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