Parallel Kickdown Switch
1990 928 S4

July 23, 2000

I decided to install a parallel kickdown switch today. Inspired by Tony's write up I bought a switch (25 amp), wire splices, wire, a small light, and some wire connectors. The main differences from the installation Tony described was that I mounted the switch behind the parking brake, and added a small low wattage light so I could tell when the switch was engaged.

The kickdown switch is located under the accelerator pedal. I attached the wire to the line going to the switch and ran it back to the hand brake cover. I drilled two holes in the cover, one 1/2" at the back and the other 7/32" on top. I installed the switch in the 1/2" hole and the light in the other.

The whole process took a little over an hour.

Parallel Kickdown Switch with light

Update 6/13/2009

I removed the kickdown function with the rebuilt engine.

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written: 07/23/00
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