Racing Harness
1990 928 S4

September 4, 2000

I wanted to install a racing harness in the S4. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, or do any radical surgury. I wanted to be able to remove them if I needed to, without too much trouble. So I ordered a G-force Harness from DEVEK, they were suppose to fit the 928, install easily, and be removable.

I started on the rear harness mounts for the shoulder straps. There are two brackets that mount to the rear shock towers. I removed the 3 17 mm nuts on the top and installed the bracket under the cover. I then reinstalled the cover and nuts. I then looped the belt through the bracket and into the retaining clip. I repeated the process on the other side. There was a short belt with loops at each end that I used to join the 2 rear belts before I attached the belts to the brackets. This helps hold the belts in to correct position, which is important because of the length of the belts. If I had a roll bar/cage, the belts would attach to it.

I then started on the crotch strap. I had to drill a hole through the floor to mount the eye bolt. I picked a spot where there were no cables or hoses. I measured the distance under the car, then drilled from the top. I removed the floormat and carpet before I started drilling. I started with a small diameter bit (1/8"), to make sure the hole would be were I expected it. Once I determined the location was correct, I drilled the main hole. I then marked the location on the bottom of the carpet and drilled the hole into the carpet. I inserted the eye bolt through the hole and used a large washer, lock washer, and nut to secure the bottom. When I'm not using the harness, I'll unclip the crotch belt and cover the eye bolt with the floormat.

The last step was to install the lap belt eye bolts behind the seat. It was easier to find a place for the holes there. I followed the same process to position the holes and drill them as in the front. Once I installed the bolts, I noticed they stuck down pretty far. I decided I should shorten them by about 5/8 ". I used a recipricating saw and vise to cut the bolts. I made sure to have the nut on the bolt before I made the cut. This would allow me to use the nut to clean up the threads afterwards. I then installed the shorted bolts on the car, and check the distance. They're still projecting out a little more then I would want, but I didn't want to remove too much of the threads, just in case I needed to add a second nut (to stop the first from backing out). I attached the belts to the eye hooks, adjusted the lengths, and tried them on.

The entire process took a little over an hour, and the belts and mounting hardware cost a little over $200.

Me trying on the racing harness

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written: 09/04/00
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