Cooling Fan
1990 928 S4

August 27, 2000

While I had my car at DEVEK to check out a leaking water pump, Marc found that the second cooling fan didn't work. I had thought that it only came on when the Air Conditioning (still not fixed) was on, so I hadn't worried about it. Marc assured me that it should be on when the other fan was was going. This could contribute to my high water temperatures, so I ordered a new cooling fan.

I had pulled the fans out once before, but at that time I was replacing the radiator hoses, so there was plenty of room. This time I didn't want to drain the radiator, just to change a cooling fan so it was little more difficult to get the fan housing out. The fan housing is held on by 2 10mm screws. There is also a hose that connects to the Air Pump Filter that needs to be disconnected. If the top radiator hose was disconnected, the fan housing could then be lifted up, but with that hose still connected, you need to loosen the clamp holding the power steering reservoir in place and move it to the side. Now you can pull out the fan housing, you just need to be careful of the electrical wires to the fan motors and push the top radiator hose out of the way as you pull the housing out.

The fan is held in the housing by 3 10mm nuts. Remove these and the fan slips out. To install the new fan, line up the bolts (attached to the fan) with the holes in the fan housing, then use the 10mm nuts to secure it. Be sure to install the new fan with the plug in the same place as the old one, this way you don't need to reroute the wires. Once the fan is in the housing, reinstall the housing into the engine bay. Here it's helpful to have someone help hold the radiator hose and power steering reservoir out of the way while you lower the housing back into place. I connected the wires to the plugs before I lowered it all the way in. There are 3 tabs on the bottom that line up with 3 slots that hold the bottom in place, if you have the bottom engine cover off it's easier to make sure the tabs are in the slots from under the car then on top. I then secured the wires in their holding clips and added a couple of nylon ties. I didn't was the wire getting caught by one of the moving belts. Then I reattached the air filter hose, power steering reservior, and the 2 10mm screws.

The whole process took about an hour.

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written: 08/28/00
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