Aluminum Belly Pan
1990 928 S4

June 29, 2002

The belly pan on the S4 is used to protect the bottom of the engine, aid in aerodynamics, and help airflow in the engine compartment. In most cases, it's just a pain in the rear when you need to work on the bottom of the engine. If your ride hieght is set to the standard height, and you're careful about where and how you drive, you won't ever need it. But I was going to open road race my car at speeds near it's designed limits (165-170 mph), so I figured it would help with the aerodynamics and cooling. Also, since my ride height was more then an inch lower then the lowest limit of the standard ride height, I would be risking my oil pan or altenator without it. I had trashed my old belly pan in an agricultural excursion at Thunderhill during a track event. So I looked for a replacement. DEVEK had just come out with their new Aluminum Belly Pan priced less then the original, so it was a no brainer.

The belly pan (before picture) is held on by 10 8 mm hex head screws, 2 10 mm screws, and 2 10 mm bolts. There are 4 screws across the back, 4 across the front, 2 at the front corners on an extension piece, 2 near the back up inside a recessed area. Once all the bolts and screws are removed the cover slides towards the front of the car and pulled down. I left the rear section on the car, as I would reuse it.

I then took new belly pan and installed it using the same screws. It was quit simple, as all the holes lined right up.

The whole process took a about a half an hour and the costs was about $250.

New Belly Pan Installed

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written: 11/25/02
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