Air Conditioning
1990 928 S4

June 22, 2000

I went to get the A/C recharged today. The A/C was not working, and the recent hot spell in the Bay Area (103 SF, 104 Berkeley) had me wishing for cool air.

I took the car to EMW in Albany. I had talked to Paul about the A/C and he suggested I convert to R134 from R12. R134 was cheaper, but didn't cool as well as R12. He sold a conversion package for $225, which was less the most places wanted for just a recharge. The package included a conversion kit, draining the system, changing the A/C oil, then adding the R134.

CJ drained the R12 and old oil, installed the new fittings, and inspected the system. The A/C high fitting was easy to find, it's in front of the radiator, on the passenger side, below the reciever drier. The low fitting was a little harder to find. It's behind the radiator, under the Air Intake Tube, on the passenger side engine wall.

He found what appears to be some oil leaking above the fire wall, so he suggested putting some dye with the R134 to see if it's an active leak. He had check the vacuum and it seemed to hold. CJ then added the oil and R134.

He started the car and tested the A/C. It didn't seem to blow cold, he got out of the car and saw/heard that the compressor was not turning. I told him about the low pressure sensor/switch that would stop the compressor from working it the freon level was too low. He jumped the switch (below the receiver drier), but the compressor still didn't go on. He stopped the engine and lifted the car. A check of the compressor found that it wouldn't turn. The clutch would turn, but the compressor shaft was stuck. After some discussion with Paul and CJ, I decided to get a new/used/rebuilt compressor and install it myself. I'd also need to install a new receiver drier. Then Paul would recharge my system (which he offer do for no charge).

CJ drained the R134 from the system, and told me not to run the A/C until I had replaced the compressor, and the system was recharged.

Now the search for a new compressor.....

My car getting worked on at EMW

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