Wiper Blade Replacement 1981 928

Here's a subject that probable doesn't need it's own page but, since I did this and took some pictures, I figured it might help someone.

When I used the window wipers, it left large streaks. This occured on both the front and back windows. With winter coming up I decide to ordered front and rear wiper blades from DEVEK and installed them in about 10 minutes. The front wipers had a little tab to press to release the blade. The new wipers came with 3 different inserts. I picked the one like the one on the old blade, slide it into the blade body, then attached it to the wiper arm.

The back wiper blade also had a tab, it's located on the backside of the body. Press the tab and the blade slides off perpendicular to the wiper arm. There is a small 1" rod that slides into the wiper arm. I just attached the the new blade the same was as the old.

The cost for all three blades was $34.

Front wiper assembly

Rear wiper assembly:

The differences (front on top):

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written: 12/15/99
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