Vacuum Hose Replacement
1981 928

While waiting for my new DEVEK radiator I decided to replace the vacuum lines in my 928. I started at Greg Nichols' 928 Tips site and found John McDermott's Braided Hose Replacement article. Using that as a starting place I went out and bought those items. I found that my car had smaller the 5mm hose instead of 7mm for the lines to the Fuel Presure Regulators and Fuel Presure Damper. I also decided not to replace the 17mm hose.

Here's a final list:

10 ft 3mm black vacuum hose
6 ft 4mm blue silicon hose
4 ft 9mm braided hose
3 ft 13mm braided hose

I found one broken Y connector, and broke a T connector while disconnecting the old hose. Serveral hoses snapped while triing to remove them, so it's important to try and find both ends before you start pulling hard. The total cost of hoses and connectors (including one I frabricated) was about $50.

Vacuum Hose Diagram for my 81 928:

Before Picture:

After Picture:

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written: 11/10/99
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