1981 928


When I bought the car it had very worn Pirelli P 5000 tires. The fronts were worn on the inside and the rears were starting showing belt in the middle. I knew I would need to replace them. Two weeks after I got the car the rear passenger tire was punctured. I was forced to buy some tires fast. I looked on the web (Tire Rack) and called local dealers. Since I didn't know if I would keep the car long term I wanted to spend less then $100 per tire. They needed to be at least V rated (149 mph), perform very well on dry pavement and good in the wet. I decided on Yokohama AVS S4 (215 60 VR 15 per Porsche infomation Guide) tires. Since I needed them soon I ordered them from DEVEK.

I got the tire plugged (not recommended as a long term solution) at the local Union 76 station and drove over to DEVEK to pick them up and then drove to 5 Point Tire to have them mounted and balanced.

The whole thing cost about $450.

To stop the new tires from wearing out too fast I then replaced the tie rods and got the wheels aligned.

Here were the tires that I was considering:

Manufacturer Model Size/Rating Cost Dry Traction Wet Traction
BF GoodrichComp T/A VR4215 60VR15$908.18.1
BridgestonePotenza RE 940225 60ZR15$1028.47.1
DunlopSP Sport 4000 A/S225 60VR15$678.06.4
GoodyearEagle Gatorback225 60VR15$1158.56.3
PirelliP6000215 60WR15$1298.66.4
YokohamaAVS S4215 60VR15$798.06.9
YokohamaAVS Intermediate215 60ZR15$829.05.7
YokohamaA008P215 60ZR15$1078.56.3

These figures were from the Tire Rack web site (6/99). The Traction figures were from customer surveys, so caution should be used when referring to these numbers The Cost was for just the tires, no shipping, mounting, balancing, or taxes included.

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written: 12/07/99
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