Sharks in the Park - 2002
Berkeley, CA
May 4, 2002

Bill and the Chef

The North Wing

Lunch Is Ready

The Picnic Area

Table 5

Bear Creek Road

Port Costa

The hills were alive with the rumble of V8s collecting at Tilden Park. The NorCal928 Owners Group was having it's first gathering. Bill Ball organized the Sharks in the Park 2002, in hills of Berkeley, California. Thirty one sharks showed up for the food, prizes, and camaraderie.

Lily and I arrived early to help set up. The first order of business was to save the parking spaces in front of the Island Picnic area from the hoards of unenlightened. Bill unloaded the food and started the coals while Nicole helped with registration. Tom Cloutier from the Power Broker set up his display of exhaust systems while Quinn unloaded his 928S4 he had trailer in from Utah with his father and friend.

Allan Mochwart of Rings Steak Seafood & Chops provided the ribs which along with the burgers and hot dogs were the main course. The participants eagerly ate and talked about 928s, family and friends. Many thanks to Jeff Walker for manning the grill.

DEVEK made a good showing of support, Jim drove up in The White Car. He also brought his whole family in the support vehicle. Brad was there in his black 84S, and George was there, but without his Konieg 928. Even Miles, the new guy, was there in his 951.

After lunch Bill held the prize drawings. Prizes were donated by DEVEK Performance Inc, Auto Enthusiast of Danville and Nicole. In fact the prize of the day was won by Nicole, fender guards to protect the ones we love while work on the engines. Bill also passed out tokens of appreciation and Special Recognition Awards to DEVEK Performance Inc, and Allan Mochwart for Outstanding Contribution to Sharks in the Park.

The winners of the People Choice awards were also announced:

Car whose owner was most likely to have stayed up all night cleaning (Nicest exterior and interior) John Pohl1989 928 GT
Car least likely to be a garage queen, but has obviously beep put to good use (Best daily driver) Alan Mochwart1979 928
Car with exhaust most likely to wake the dead (Best sounding 928) Tom Cloutier1989 928 S4
Track car most likely to intimidate Corvette C5s and BMW M5s Susan and Marc Thomas/
Mark Kibort
DEVEK White Car/
Al Holbert S4

The tech sessions started at 1:30 PM. Mark Kibort was up first with his discussion on the conversion of the Al Holbert record setting 928S4 into a race car. The participants gathered around and listened intently will Mark went over all the modifications.

After Mark was finished we got a visit from the Man. We apparently look like a terrorist gathering ready to smuggle a nuclear device into Berkeley (a Nuclear Free Zone and world icon of free speech). After a brief interrogation and review of our permits we were told that it was ok for us to be there.

Next up was Dan the Pod Guy. He displayed his arsenal to prep and finish the exterior paint. He asked for volunteers, but when no one step up, he picked his own 928 cabriolet. He identified a spot on the trunk and attacked it with sandpaper. Most of the crowd visibly flinched as he went through the process. After applying the various rubbing solutions, it was ready for the final waxing.

At 2:30 a group of us left for the fun drive. A slow drive through the park, followed by occasional photo ops and spirited driving. We circled the East Bay Hills from Martinez to Pinole, the back to Tilden Park. All in all a very refreshing break for the doldrums of every day life.

Thanks to Bill Ball for organizing the event, the vendors for their support, and all the volunteers that made the day happen.

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