Sharks in the Park
Berkeley, CA

Bill Ball invited the 928 rennlist to picnic in Tilden Park ( Berkeley, CA). He called Sharks in the Park and 20 928s showed up and about 50 owners, family members, and other enthusiasts participated in the fun. DEVEK was there in force. Marc and Susan Thomas drove the White Car, Jim drove his "PHAT928", and Brad arrived without his black 928S. Tom Cloutier was there from The Power Broker and exhibited his Big Dick and Avenger Exhaust systems. He drove his black 89 S4 with Scavenger crossover headers and Dastek, the only 928 I've heard that sounds like a 4 cylinder 4 stroke motorcycle with headers.

Bill arrived early to unload the food and picnic supplies. The food consisted of Hamburgers, hot dogs, and ribs (provided by Allan Mochwart of Rings Steak Seafood & Chops). Chips, drinks, and cookies were also provided. Bill, Bora and Susan handled the cooking duties.

As the food was being cooked, other 928s arrived, including Mike Monson's concourse winning 88 S4 and David Pietras' black S4 with DEVEK stage 2 exhaust system. Owners gathered around the cars and talked 928s. When the food was done, we all dug in. The ribs were excellent, and the hamburgers weren't bad.

After lunch Bill explained the rules for the drawing to the participants. Bill donated several models and DEVEK donated 928 books and parts. My daughter Sarah drew the names. I won a bottle of Water Wetter (good girl), but the big winner was Bora Akyol, every member of his family (4) won something, though he didn't take the 928 oil filter because he doesn't currently own a 928 (BMW M3). Also Nicole Mossinger, (91 slate gray S4), was selling assorted Herpa 1/87 scale 928s (I bought one).

After the drawing, the DEVEK crew set up scales to corner weigh anyone interested in getting there car checked. Then Bill passed out the Maps for the drive. It was a ~58 mile route through the hills of the East Bay. We left about 3 PM with Bill in the lead, I was second and Junior Aguilar was behind me in his red 928 S4. After we left the park, we stopped on Bear Creek Road to regroup.

We stopped once more after making a wrong turn, we discussed it a while. When the last cars arrived, we decided to return to the original drive route. Somewhere near Martinez, the group got separated. The lead cars stopped in Port Costa, to wait for the others. When they didn't show up, we decided to return to Tilden via San Pablo Dam Road. We rejoined the other group on Wildcat Canyon Road, a few miles before we reached the picnic area.

The picnic was a real success. I enjoyed the meeting all the 928 owners and families, eating the great food, and having an opportunity to drive one of the best GT cars in the world through one of the best places in the world.

Thanks Bill, for organizing this event, and Marc and Susan for your donations and support to the 928 community.

Bill's Recap

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written: 04/29/01
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