928 Ramps / Jacks

When working on my car I needed a easy way to raise the car. I got this idea from Ed Ruiz on the 928 Rennlist:

From eds928s@erols.com (9/30/99)

I made a set of ramps from 2"x10"x96" boards. I cut them to creat a ramped that allows the car to be driven up the ramp without affecting the front spoiler, and it ends up 4.5" off the garage floor. I hope the following illustration helps to show what I did.

| \_______________
| |_______________\_______________
| |_______________________________\_______________

I cut the 96" board into 3', 2' and 1' sections and cut one end of each section at 45 degrees. I nailed the boards as shown above. The cut the remaining piece to fit as a stop, and nailed it to the high end. It may not be elegant, but it works great for oil changes and suspension tweeking that require the wheels to be loaded. Also, the belly pans can be easily accessed and removed while on the ramps.

Merry motoring. Ed

Here's my interpretation:


It took about 1/2 an hour to build and cost $7.50 in lumber. Hope this helps.


To lift the rear I place my jack under the center of the rear cross member. Once the rear is high enough I place jack stands at the rear jack points. I placed a piece of plywood between the jack and cross member to distribute the weight, some people use a short 2x4.

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