Porsche Panorama Magazines

Here are magazines that I own that contain articles about the 928. Click on
the image to see more scans from the magazine.
Panorama Magazine is the Official Magazine of the Porsche Club of America
It is on of the benefits of Membership.

Panorama Magazines
March 1978
Interview With Manfred Jantke
June 1978
Road Test: The Fabulous 928
December 1978
Article: Alaska 928
May 1979
Article: War Bonnet Tech '79
Stoddard Answers Questions
November 1979
Article: The Use of Aluminum in the 928
December 1979
Article: What's new for 1980
March 1980
Article: Notes from the Technical Chairman
July 1980
Interview With James R. Fuller
November 1980
Interview With Professor Doctor Ernst Fuhrmann
January 1981
928 Conquers the West
June 1981
911 & 928 for 1981
July 1981
A 928 Convertible!

On the Road:
Napa Valley, California

August 1981
War Bonnet
Tech 81
January 1982
The Porsche Caravans
...or Eat Your Heart Out, Lead Toes

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