Fuel Pumps
by Joe Rausa

Subject: [928] in-tank fuel pump - pics
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 12:34:08 -0400
From: Joe Rausa
To: "928" <928@rennlist.org>

Shark fans:
Having a noticeable fuel pump buzzing, I decided to change-out my fuel pump. On inspection I see I have both in-tank pump and exterior pump. Pat McGinnis was kind enough to assist on the R&R. Here are some pics with some pointers.

1) Before attempting a fuel pump R&R, leave as little fuel as possible in the tank.

2) With the car running, pull the fuel pump fuse to relieve pressure in the system.

3) Disconnect battery ground strap.

4) Remove fuel cap

5) There is fuel everywhere; in the filter, exterior pump, fuel line going forward and of course the residual in the tank. The last portion we drained was out of the fuel tank. This took awhile and there was less than a gallon of fuel left - be patient. Fuel is coming out of the tank through the in-tank pump and through a short hose which connects the two pumps (I highly recommend you replace this short piece of fuel hose 928 356 550.04). Also note the banjo fitting on starboard side of the green fuel pump. There are spacers on either side of this fitting, order new ones as well. The original exterior pump is painted green (replacement units 928-608-104-03 are not painted):

6) When loosening the fuel tank strap bolts, only remove the aft bolts. Loosen the forward bolts, but leave them threaded in place. A long extension helps with these bolts.

7) Here is where the in-tank pump lives, forward and to port of the exterior pump and filter. For safety, I always let the jack stands carry the weight of the car, then place the floor jack under the rear cross member with little pressure.

8) Here is the in-tank pump (928 608 104.03) removed showing an accumulation of debris on the suction screen . Also order a new gasket for the interior fuel pump (928.201.187.02).

9) I cleaned the debris which accumulated on the fuel tank cradle, lots of dirt, stones, etc. Be careful to cap your fittings while doing this to insure fuel is not contaminated while the dust is flying.

Good luck. Not too bad a job, but twice the time of just changing out the exterior pump because you have to drop the cradle and drain all the fuel from the tank. Did I say I haven't buttoned-up yet? I didn't order the fuel line between the pumps, oops. I'll get fixed up this week.

Joe Rausa '89S4

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