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1981 928

After getting my tie rods and ball joints replaced at DEVEK, I was talking to Marc Thomas about my car and some of my concerns. He agreed to take it for a test drive and evaluate it's condition. As he was driving the car he said the radiator ( how prophetic) was the next item I should worry about. I should also service the transmission, run some Risolin in the engine oil, and occasionally add injector cleaner to the gas. He also said the vibrating rear view mirror would drive him nuts.

I had read about this fix at Greg's 928 Tips, so I decided to give it a try. I scraped the skin on my left index finger, but I managed to get the mirror off. I tapped both tabs and reinstalled the mirror. It still seemed loose, so I took the mirror off again (more skin lost) and hit them again. This time the mirror was tight. A quick test drive showed that the vibration was gone.

Thanks Dan and Greg.

From Greg's 928 Tips


Rearview Mirror Vibration

I had a problem with my inside mirror and fixed mine, the button was on the glass solid but the
mirror was vibrating on the button. I decided to take a look at it and see if I could figure out the
problem. I wiggled the mirror while applying upward pressure and it slowly moved up and off
the button, the mirror has a tongue that slips down into a channel in the button, you can't see it
from the inside or outside, you have to take the mirror off to see it. Once the mirror was off I
saw that there are 2 metal tabs that keep the tongue tight towards the windshield. I figured that
over 14 years maybe they were just a little tired, so I took a flat blade screwdriver, put it in the
grove in each tab and gave it a medium-light tap with another screwdriver's handle. I slipped the
mirror back in the grove and no more vibration. I only tapped them once each and lightly, I
could hardly see that the tabs had moved, but since I was afraid of moving them too far, or
hurting the windshield, I figured I could always try again if it was still loose, but one tap each
was all it took. I don't know if all generations of sharks have the same anatomy in their mirrors,
but it worked for my 84.
*Dan Larson (dlarson@pcc.net); 1984 928S Auto White/Burgundy

Interior Rear View Mirror

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