Intercooler Heat Exchangers
1990 928 S4

January 19, 2009

Heat in the intake is something I'm trying to address. I upgraded the heat exchanger
in the passenger's side and added an intake port to allow more air in. I also
added a second heat exchanger to the driver's side. Here are a few photos:

New Passenger Side Intercooler Heat Exchanger

Intake port

New Driver's Side Heat Exchanger

Intake port driver's side

Driver's side components

Driver's side Fender Mod

Update 11/29/2010

I increased the air intake to the intercooler heat exchangers to 4".

Here is the difference in the hose that feeds the shroud at the heat exchanger:

I also opened up the exit port:

(Drivers side)

(Passenger side)

I think a better place to exit the air is through the top of the fender. I'm thinking about
adding some slots/gills up there...

Update 3/5/2016

I finally added a grille on top of the passenger side fender. At the last race I was trying to see if I could go up to the 180 mph class. I took the car up to 195+ before the second turn and wanted to see how the car handled this. Well, not as good as I had hoped. The water temps (radiator and intercooler) started to rise, and didn't come down until I slowed down to 185 mph. This convinced me to stay at the 170 target until I got this addressed.

I had already upgraded the fan on the passenger side intercooler heat exchanger to 10" from 8", but that didn't seem to help flow enough air. I also checked the area above/behind the heat exhanger for a available space.

I taped off the area to cut and install the grille:

Once I cleaned up the cuts, I "glued" and pop riveted the grille in place.

I also wanted to add more area for air intake before the heat exchanger, so I removed the side marker light, added a deflector plate and installed a LED light below the opening.

If this helps, I'll do the same to the driver's side after the next race.

Update 8/20/2016

Today I finished the driver's side air intake modification. I also installed an additional heat exchanger in the fender, after I removed the headlight and installed a HID projector light.

I used the same 13 row raditator as the one already mounted in the fender and plumbed it in series with 3/4" hose.

I taped off the area to cut and install the grille:

Then pop riveted the grille in place.

I also cut a hole in the fender insert to allow the air to exit the fender and make it's way to the new cut out.

Since this heat exchanger won't have the same ducted air set up of the other one, I added an 8" fan to help move the air.

I also removed the side marker light, deflector plate, and new LED light below the opening as I did on the passenger side.

The venting improved the cooling in the last race, but still was not able to keep up with the heat at over 200 mph. I hope this will stabilize the temps at those speed.

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