Fuel Filter Replacement
1981 928

I replaced the fuel filter yesterday (11/15/99). It's located behind and under the gas tank at the rear of the car. It costs about $12.50 and took about 30 mins. to install (should take less then 10 mins. if you know what your doing). The cover is held on by 2 10mm nuts, and I used 2 17mm open ended wrenches to undo the fuel filter from the fuel lines. I undid the passenger side (US car) first, then rotated the fuel filter to remove it from the fuel line on the drivers side. I didn't even need to raise the car to perform this operation. I also had a 24"x24" catch basin under the fuel lines when I disconnected them to stop the gas from dripping on the garage floor.

By the way, it's a good idea to disconnect the negative lead from the battery before you start and work in a well ventilated area.

Fuel filter cover off and fuel filter and pump exposed:

Filter Removed:

Drivers Side Fuel Filter Cover Nut:

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written: 11/16/99
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