928 US Specifications
YearTransEngineWeight HP (SAE)Torque (Ft/Lbs)0-60Max Speed
1977-793-Auto4474 16v3334*219@5250 254@36008.5*140*
 5-Man4474 16v3300219@5250 254@36007.7140*
1980-823-Auto4474 16v3385220@5500 265@40008.1140
 5-Man4474 16v3351220@5250 265@40007.3143
928S US Specifications
YearTransEngineWeight HP (SAE)Torque (Ft/Lbs)0-60Max Speed
1983-844-Auto4664 16v3385*234@5500 263@40007.2143
 5-Man4664 16v3351*234@5250 263@40006.8146*
1985-864-Auto4957 32v3385288@5750 302@27006.6152
 5-Man4957 32v3351288@5750 302@27006.1155
928S4 US Specifications
YearTransEngineWeight HP (SAE)Torque (Ft/Lbs)0-60Max Speed
1987-884-Auto4957 32v3549316@6000 317@30006.3162
 5-Man4957 32v3505316@6000 317@30005.7165
1989-914-Auto4957 32v3549316@6000 317@30006.0165
19895-Man4957 32v3505316@6000 317@30005.7168
928GT Specifications
YearTransEngineWeight HP (SAE)Torque (Ft/Lbs)0-60Max Speed
1989-915-Man4957 32v3505326@6200 317@41005.6171
928GTS Specifications
YearTransEngineWeight HP (SAE)Torque (Ft/Lbs)0-60Max Speed
1993-954-Auto5.4 32v3638345@5700 369@42505.6171
 5-Man5.4 32v3593345@5700 369@42505.5171

This information was gathered from offical Porsche Publications, mostly sales brochures. Asterisk (*) indicate data obtained from other sources or extrapolated from the material I already had. There's also a statement at the bottom of each spec sheet stating that the data may change without notice. For more specification try Phil Tong's 928S4VR Site or 928 Specialists.

I don't have Spec Sheets for the European Versions, but I'm working on it. Starting in 1989 all 928s had the same specifications.

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