928 Enthusiast's Links
Part 4 (P - Z)

928 Enthusiasts
Mr P.
Mr P's 928S Web Page
Paul Gotter
Paul Gotter's 928 Web Page (Dead Link)
Pat Edwards
Pat Edwards' The Big Worm and
The Predator Resoration Project (Dead Links)
Patrick McKiernan
Patrick McKiernan's Home Page (79 928 Hybrid) (Dead Link)
Pete Whelan's
Pete Whelan's 928 S4 Page (Dead Link)
Petes' 928 Home Page (Dead Link)
Phil Tong's 928s Forever site (New Link 04/25/16)
Phillip Adamson
Phillip Adamson's Porsche 928 Page (Dead Link)
Randy Faunce
Randy Faunce's Porsche 928 info on Performance Driver Ed (Dead Link)
Randy Page
Randy Page's 1987 928 S4
(Currently not responding)
Stan Shaw
Stan Shaw's 1980 928S Euro Racer New Link (Dead Link)
Sterling Gee's 928 SG Page
Theo Jenniskens
Theo Jenniskens' 928 S4 Site (Updated 7/2/08)
Tom Middleton
Tom Middleton's Pacific Northwest 928's (Dead Link)
Tony Becker
Tony Becker's Porsche 928 Page (Dead Link)
Tony in Vagas
Tony's Silver Bullet 1987 Porsche 928 S4
Wojtek's Red 1987 Porsche 928 S4 (Updated 04/25/16

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