Buttonwillow Track Event
August 6, 2001

We arrived at the Super 8 late Sunday night. The night crew was overwhelm by the sudden appearance of 30+ 928s (and owners). After waiting in a long line we checked in for the night. We were to meet at the track, located about 10 miles north on I5, by 8 AM, so I went to bed early. 7:30 AM I checked out and drove north to Buttonwillow Raceway Park. Upon arriving, we were guided to our pit areas, and proceeded to unload and prepped our cars. Susan had set up the DEVEK Pavillion with supplies and long sleeve cotton shirts (required on the track).

At 8:30, Marc started the mandatory drivers meeting. He discussed the schedule, track route, and introduced the other instructors, Chris and Bob. Then a track official discussed the track rules and flags. During the drivers meeting, DEVEK staff completed the tech inspections on the vehicles. By 9:00 we lined up for the lead and follow. Most drivers had not been on the track, so the three instructors lead a group of cars around the track, following the proper lines.

Lead and Follow

After the Lead and Follow the drivers met again to talk about the track conditions and what to watch out for. Around 9:30 the Green Group (Beginners/Intermediate) was called to the starting grid. While the Green Group was out the Red Group finished up they're preparations. I changed my front wheels/tires (Bridgestone RE940s to RE71s) and went with the unique Design 90s front and Slotted Disks rear. At 10, the Red Group took to the track, after the Green Group finished they're turn. We were running 20 minute sessions, with 10 minutes to clear the track in between. Because of the number of off track incidents, the Green Group was asked to report for another "meeting".

Pat Does an 180

The Snack Bar opened at 11:30 featuring a menu of hamburgers, hot dogs, and chili. The Green Group was still on the track, so the Red Group got a head start on lunch. Some of us took advantage of the break to get the cars back in shape. The 100+ degree weather was taking it's toll on the tires as well as the drivers.

After lunch Red Group hit the track again. Some of the Green Group cars joined us, as they became more familiar with the track. We ran 5 more sessions in the afternoon. By the end of the day, we had truly enjoyed the experience. The track held up well, no one was hurt, though a few left the track, everyone learned a little bit more about their cars and themselves, and made many new friends. Thanks Marc and Susan for making this all possible.

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