Intake Distributor Hoses
1981 928

The Task

I'm replacing the 2" hoses between the Air Intake Distributor and Intake pipes (the spider body and legs on top of the engine). The old ones were swollen and cracking.

Phase 1

I removed the Air Intake Tubes and Air Box (described in Air Flow Meter). I loosened all 16 hose clamps, and slid the hoses on to the intake pipes. I disconnected the vacuum line and the 13 mm bolt on the front of the Intake Distributor and the vacuum line to the brake booster (on the drivers side). I then loosened the hose clamp between the Intake Distributor and Throttle body and pulled off the Intake Distributor. I put a clean shop rag into each end of the throttle body, just to stop foreign objects from falling in.

After removing the Intake Distributor I noticed a broken fitting on the vacuum check valve. I called DEVEK and waited for a part (058.131.851.A).

Phase 2

I received the vaccuum check valve Friday night and installed it on Saturday. I used a 19 mm open end wrench. The old valve just came right out without a problem. I cleaned up the opening and put the new one in. It was easy to remember which vacuum line went where because the fittings on the check valve come out at different angles. Since the broken fitting was still in the vacuum line I didn't need to mark the lines, if this is not the case on your car, you may wish to mark the lines before disconnecting them so you can assemble it correctly. I don't know if it'll make a difference, but it doesn't hurt keep it the same.

Phase 3

I installed the new hoses today. I started by cleaning up the old hose clamps, intake pipes, and the throttle body exit. I slide 2 hose clamps on each intake pipe. I then used a little dish soap and water mixture to lubricate each hose, and slid then onto the intake pipe until the end was flush with the pipe. It's important to get then out of the way, because there is not much clearance for the intake distributor. I then put the hose clamp on the throttle body exit connector hose and inserted the intake distributor. I connected the brake booster vacuum line before putting the intake distributor into the connector hose. I made sure the connector hose was correctly fit around the base of the intake distributor, before tightening the hose clamp. The hardest part of this whole operation was tightening this hose clamp. It's hard to reach, and wants to keep sliding around as you tighten it.

I then slid each hose over the gap between the intake distributor and intake pipe, placed the hose clamps in the appropriate places and tightened them. I reattached the front vacuum lines and made sure everything looked ok.

Next I reinstalled the airbox and air intake tubes (reverse order of removal).

I made sure I didn't leave any tools in the engine bay then I started the motor. It cranked over the first time and idled fine. I revved the engine a few time, got out and listened for vacuum leaks. I didn't hear any so I took the car out for a test drive. The car ran well, but I didn't have time to give it a good workout.

The whole job took about 3 hours (would be less if I knew what I was doing), and cost about $100 ($24 for the check valve). I don't know if it helps any, but the engine looks a little better, and hopefully will avoid any intake leaks in the future.


Without the Intake Distributor

After Picture

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written: 03/14/00
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