MAF Boot
1990 928 S4

January 19, 2009

After having the MAF boot fail in my last 2 ORR events, I had to find a better solution.
I talking to both Tim M. and Dave L. about this, and I decided to enlist the help of a local
firm (mainly deals with Audis) to fabricate a new MAF boot out of silicone. They quoted
me a very good price, so I told them to go ahead. I sent them one of my old MAF boots
to use as a model, and they said it'd take about 4-6 weeks. Well it arrived yesterday.
Looks great, cost half as much as expected, and it should last longer then the stock

Silicone MAF boot

With clamps

Compared to stock part

Side view

Bill and I installed it today. Because it was more plyable then the stock part, it
was a lot easier to install. We also used some T-bolt clamps to hold it in place.
Hopefully it'll not blow off, and withstand the higher boost and air temps.

I know some of you have expressed interest in getting something better for the
MAF boot. I can't vouch for it's longevity, but I can attest that it fits, both in my
supercharged engine and on a stock engine. If you want more information, the
vendor was 034 Motorsport in Fremont, Ca. The cost was only $49.50 plus shipping.
I have no vested interest in this firm, but they came through big time. Here is a
link for this item:

Thanks Javad at 034 and Bill for helping with the install.

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written: 01/19/09
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