My Old 928
1981 Porsche 928

Sold 09/24/01

Light blue metallic 1981 Porsche 928, 4.5 Liter, 16 valve V8 engine, with 220 HP and 265 ft/lbs of torque (factor specs). It has 76,000 miles on the odometer (I only put on 3,000 miles in the last 2 years). This is the original style 928, with no spoiler or wings. It has the original 15" "Phone Dial" wheels and a Borla "cat-back" exhaust. The interior is in good condition, with no major cracks in the leather dash, seats or interior panels, though there is some shrinkage around the passenger side dash air vent. The exterior is fair with a dent on the drivers side rear quarter panel and crack on the passenger side front wheel well. I bought the car as my project car to learn about the 928. I have replaced and fixed may components including:

New Parts
All aluminum DEVEK Performance Radiator
Bosch ignition coil, OEM distributer cap and rotor
Kingsbourne 8mm high performance plug wires and OEM plugs
Steel ball joints
Tie Rods
Yokohama AVS 215 VR 60 tires
JVC KSF-110 tuner and cassette player
Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Air (Smog) Pump Filter, Oil Filter
Fuel pump check valve
Air Intake Distributer hoses and many other vacuum hoses
Vacuum check valve
Interstate MD88-60 Battery
Battery ground strap
Oxygen Sensor
Front and Rear Wiper Blades
Stonegard fog light and parking light covers
All 10 tail light and rear side marker bulbs
Windshield washer reservoir cover

Used Parts
Ignition Control Unit (tested by DEVEK)
Horn Relay
Horn Button
Porsche wheel locks (set of 4)

Fixed or Tested Parts/Items
Restitched leather steering wheel
Resecured inside rearview mirror
Resecured sun roof motor cover
Removed and tested (by DEVEK) the Air Flow Meter (installed new gasket)
Removed and tested (by Altenators Unlimited) the Altenator

This car is driveable and handles well. It just passed the California Smog Test and I renewed the Registration in May. A new baby and preparing my 1990 928 S4 for open road racing have taken my spare time and money. The car is not perfect yet, but it's a lot better then when I bought it.

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written: 07/11/01
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