Automobilia (928)

Here are some misc. 928 stuff I own.
(I'll make web page out of anything) Click on the image to see more.

928 Stuff
Porsche 928 Christmas Card
Porsche 928S4 Trading Card
DEVEK Performance Team Decal
Porsche 928S Decal
Porsche 1988 928 S4 Door Sill Numbers
(from Don Hanson's old racer)
Porsche 1988 928 S4 Hood Ornament
(from Don Hanson's old racer)
Porsche 1981 928 Horn Button
(from my Blue 928)
Porsche 928 Key Ring
Porsche 928 Silver Medallion
Porsche/Audi Post Car with the 928
928 Owner's Club Post-it Note Pad
Porsche 928 Pewter Monopoly Piece
928 Pen Holder
Porsche 928 Red Lapel Pin
Porsche 928 White Lapel Pin
Porsche 928 GTS Lapel Pin
Justification for Higher Education Poster
Porsche 928 Stamp
928 Owner's Club Tattoo
928 Telephone
Need For Speed - Porsche Unleashed Video Game
Playstation version
Race a 928 GTS or other Porsche
Super Chase HQ Video Game
Drive a 928 and chase the bad guy

Automobilia Porsche

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