For New 928 Owners

Many new owners are unaware of the number of sites and boards that are available on line to help you evaluate and work on your shark, so I thought Iíd put together this list as a starting point. It is certainly not complete, and over time some of the links may no longer be valid. If you run into this, please let me know at

I. Buying Guides and Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)


928 Buying Guide

Buying a used Porsche 28

Dan's Porsche 928 Home

II. 928Sales

Porsche listings

Porsche Classifieds

Luxury Motors

Hemmings Motor News

Braaten LOT 2

928 - Auto Trader Online


III. Parts Vendors:

"The Big 3"

928 Specialists

928 International


In addition these sites have tips and technical info pages.

These are the only vendors Iím aware of who focus exclusively on the 928 and because of that, they are also very knowledgeable on technical issues. My personal belief is that we should make these vendors our Ďfirst stopí when buying partsÖ.letís support the vendors who are supporting us.

Parts For All Porsches: (Iíve added Ďusedí if Iíve been told they also sell used parts)

Griffiths good help for A/C



Performance Products




Ottos Parts

928 Performance East used


Paragon Products

Automobile Atlanta

20th Street Auto used

Platz Mall Einmalig used and links to other sites

Autos International used, leather,new carpet

Performance Auto Works, Inc used

Porsche Parts Emporium used

My Porsche used , manuals

Parts Heaven used

928-944 Used Parts used

More by category:


Wheel Enhancement Porsche Alloys

AutoSpecialty Powerstop Cross-Drilled Rotors

928brakesDiversified Cryogenics Motorsports Testimonials

Body Kits

Jacquemond Web Site

SpyderWerks Inc

928 Ultra + Ultrawings

IFC Body Kits


empegRio Car

SWStereo Car Audio Revised

MB QUART Home and Auto Speakers

Chips And Modifications

Autothority - Got Chips?

F.A.S.T - Vortech supercharger

The Power Broker - Custom Exhaust (site has audio samples & dyno results!)

928 Metalworks Ė Custom paint & polish of 928 engine parts, etc.

Car Care & Accessories

Classic Motoring Accessories - Wax, polish, FAQ, etc.

Leather Care/Dyeing

Car Care Specialties - Wax, polish, FAQ, etc.

Autopia Car Care - Wax, polish, FAQ, etc.

Blue Ribbon Motoring - Car covers, seat covers, dash covers, etc.

Hawaiian Seat Covers or

Wet Okole Seat Covers - Waterproof your seats

Jager Engineering -Paul has some nice accessories and a good technical manual on-line, used parts also

Other Parts Sources:

Rennlist Classifieds: Go to and follow the links. In addition to vendors, there are people parting out cars and selling spares

Ebay: Lots of parts/wheels/cars come up. Hit or miss if you need a part quickly but worth watching if you have the time. Search on porsche (928,928*) to see the listings

IV. Bulletin Boards:

Rennlist Message Board: This is different than the email list since itís a bulletin board. Again, a good place to ask questions and see what others are doing.

Frames Free version of Rennlist BB is at:

Phil Tongís: This board has been searching for a good home and may have moved. Currently people are posting to the old site, which is as well as to the new board at . This board is another good site for 928 questions and discussion. Phil usually has the current site listed on his home page at

Another board

And another

(I havenít visited these last two so canít comment on content or volume)


V. Email Lists:

Rennlist Mail List: Here you get a bunch of emails every day that covers a wide range of questions/responses/comments. If youíd like, you can elect to get a single file daily (digest mode). There is sometimes a lot of off topic or non-928 discussion but the technical content is excellent. In addition, there is a searchable archive that allows you look up previous posts on the topic of interest.

Go to and signup. This page gives the specifics of what you get for a paid membership versus a free one. Annual memberships are $17.95 (as of 12/01) or $32.00 for two years. Although you can access many features for free, this is such a valuable resource that I hope you will support it by joining. The people on this list have helped me a lot.

For both the mail list and the bulletin boards, youíll be pleasantly surprised by how knowledgeable and helpful these folks are. Note that when you post a question, itís important to include the year of your car, transmission type, and mileage as well as a complete description of the problem. You might want to check the archives as well before posting.

Great Britain Mail List: From our friends in the UK


These contain some of the best info out there since theyíre put up by people who have BTDT (been there, done that) rather than Ďtrained Porsche mechanicsí. This is just a sampling and I know Iíll leave out some important ones but it will get you started

Greg Nichols Tips Site: a MUST read. A collection of questions and answers on various subsystems and procedures or http://ourworld.compuserve/homepages/nichols/tips.htm . Greg is also including links to web pages that people have put up on various procedures and these BTDT (been there, done that) explanations are a tremendous help.

928 Owners Club: Right now most of the content is free but at some point it will be limited to members. Membership fee is nominal, again I think itís worth supporting. The web site was pretty static for awhile as people got busy with the jobs/family/etc., but there is renewed interest in maintaining the site.

Porsche Club of America (PCA):

Recall Data:

Bosche: (the maker of the fuel injection systems and much of the electronics used in the 928)

This site has a lot of links to other 928 related sites:


Here are some Maintenance Sites. The sites may be duplicated under "More" but since these were given to me as relating to Maintenance I thought Iíd include them below. This list is certainly not complete and youíll find sections on various maintenance procedures as you browse through the sites listed under "More".



1987 Porsche 928 S4

928RockyMtnHome Page

928 Mech tips Jorj's

PorscheTech Tips

928 FAQ

928 mechanics shops

928 winter storage Porsche Club of America, Russell's Tech Tips

MaintenanceComprehensiveTips and Procedures

Chiptuning - Data-Sheet Chiptuning for Porsche 928GTS

Theo's Technical


Bill's Paint Chip Repair 89 928 S4

928 Porsche Seat,Interiors, Carpet parts

Seat Removal/Repair ,Ken Postma



http://928` George Suennen has a lot of good links and is a good starting point for procedures, auctions, and listings





As you browse these sites, youíll find more links.

Good luck, and welcome to 928 ownership and to the 928 "Community"!

Jim Morehouse