Silver State Classic Challenge
1990 928 S4

September 17-20, 2009

Open Road Rally
Ely, Nevada

I had signed up for the Super Sport Division, 160 class with an unlimited Tech, I had been fighting fuel delivery issues all week, and had installed a new pump the weekend before. So I was starting slowly and monitoring the gauges closely as the start of the race. I got 27 miles into the 90 mile run and experienced a fuel pressure drop. The AFR jumped to 16's and the temps started to climb quickly, so I shut it down. I guess I'll have to wait another year for my run at 200...

My car on the Starting Grid:

The 160 Class:

My car off the road at the rest area at the end:

Here is a video from the run:


I do want to thank John Speake for all his help with the Sharktuner and Tim
Murphy for his help with the new intake. Also a very big Thanks to Jim Morton,
Bill Ball and Dennis Kao for their help getting the car ready. They definitely went
way beyond reasonable bounds to get my car prepared for this event.

Thanks again guys.

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