Bonneville 100
1990 928 S4

June 6-9, 2007

Open Road Rally
Wendover, Nevada

The Bonneville 100 was run from Wendover, Nevada south on highway 93A to the Elko county line and back to Wendover for a total of 101.6 miles. This was the 6th year MKM Racing Promotions put on this event. They're web address is

Here are the results from the Bonneville 100. Matt E and Dave D (88 S4), Bill B (89 S4), and I (90 S4) with Rich S as navigator, had entered our 928s. This was Matt's first ORR event, and he did very well. Bill also had a good run, taking care of most of his handling problems from last year. I on the other hand had a good first leg (160.160 mph avg), but had rod bearing failure on the return leg and blew the engine. This was the first DNF with this car in 15 ORR events (not counting Red Flags), 9 at over 155 mph average. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later...

Paul M, who had entered his 928 in previous events had bought a 2006 Z06. He was running in the 140 class and had a great run.

Class     Driver/Nav  Avg Speed    Place  Trap Speed

120 mph  Matt/Dave    119.889 mph  3rd    138 mph
140 mph  Paul (Z06)   139.993 mph  2nd    157 mph
145 mph  Bill         145.011 mph  3rd	  165 mph
160 mph  George/Rich               DNF    186 mph

Matt's S4

Bill's S4

In-car video from my car

Leg 1 Technical Section
31 mb WMV file

Leg 2 Start to Engine Failure
40 mb WMV file

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