Pony Express 130
1990 928 S4

August 25-27, 2006

Open Road Rally
Wendover, Nevada

The Pony Express 130 was run from the rest area on highway 305 to Austin, Nevada and back to Battle Mountain, Nevada. It's a 130.66 mile course that crosses the old Pony Express route. This was the 5th year MKM Racing Promotions put on this event. They're web address is www.openroadracing.com

Here are the results from the Pony Express 130. Rich S (87 S4), Bill B (89 S4), Tim and Cheryl D (88 S4), and I (90 S4) with Tim B as navigator, had entered our 928s. Bill had replaced his shocks but was still having some handling problems, but ran his car anyway. Tim and Rich both had great runs, but Rich had some tough competition in the 130 class. I also completed the event, but had some handling problems as well.

Class     Driver/Nav  Avg Speed    Place  Trap Speed

130 mph  Rich         129.074 mph  4th    154.80 mph
145 mph  Bill         141.945      4th	  155    mph
145 mph  Tim/Cheryl   144.953      2nd    153    mph
160 mph  George/Tim   157.558 mph  1st    187    mph

Tim and Cheryl's S4

Bill's S4

Rich's S4

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