Gambler's Run
1990 928 S4

July 22-24, 2005

Open Road Rally
Elko, Nevada

The Gambler's Run was run from Elko, Nevada north on highway 225 to the Wild Horse Ranch and back to Elko for a total of 93.956 miles. This was the forth year MKM Racing Promotions put on this event. They're web address is

Here are the results from the Gambler's Run.
The 928s did very well and again helped Team Porsche win
the Team Challenge. 

Target Place Avg Speed Driver/Navigator
110.....2nd....109.993....Rich Sanders
135.....1st....134.990....Tim & Cheryl Dey
145.....2nd....144.976....Bill Ball/Anders Hannson
160.....1st....160.241....George Suennen/Tim Bosserman

Rich's 928

Tim's GTS

Bill's S4

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written: 08/08/05
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