Bonneville 100
1990 928 S4

May 6-8, 2005

Open Road Rally
Wendover, Nevada

The Bonneville 100 was run from Wendover, Nevada south on highway 93A to the Elko county line and back to Wendover for a total of 101.6 miles. This was the forth year MKM Racing Promotions put on this event. They're web address is

Here are the results from the Bonneville 100. Bill B (89 S4), Tim and Cheryl D (94 GTS), and I (90 S4) had entered our 928s. Rich S (80 x-Turbo) was there as my on-course photographer. All the cars performed well, and finished the rally.

Class     Driver/Nav  Avg Speed    Place

135 mph  Tim/Cheryl   134.957 mph  4th
145 mph  Bill         144.495 mph  3rd
155 mph  George/Tim   154.316 mph  3rd

Congratulation to Bill for finishing 3rd, and Tim for a very competitive run in his first Grand Sports run. And a big thanks to Rich for helping out.

Tim's GTS

Bill's S4

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written: 08/08/05
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