Pony Express
1990 928 S4 

July 24-27, 2003

Open Road Rally
Battle Mountain to Austin, Nevada

The Pony Express was run from Battle Mountain, Nevada on highway 305 to the Austin, Nevada on Highway 50. It's a 83.55 mile course that ends at the old Pony Express route. This was the second year MKM Racing Promotions put on this event. They're web address is www.openroadracing.com.

This year three 928s from NorCal928 entered the Pony Express. Bill Ball in his 89 S4 was running in his 2nd Pony, Richard Sanders in his 80 ex-Callaway Turbo in his second Open Road Rally (first time as a driver), and me in my 90 S4 with Tim Bosserman as my navigator. Tom Moore, and his brother Dave, from the NWPac928, had entered his 87 S4, but due to an unfortunate accident two weeks before the event, they had to run Dave's 1998 GS400.

Rich had entered his 928 in the Bonneville 100 earlier this year, but due to a fuel problem, volunteered to be my navigator. This event he had chosen to enter the 125 mph class of the Grand Touring Division. This class requires fire extinguisher, 5 point harness, Z rated tires, SA 95 helmet, racing boots, and gloves. The maximum speed (tech limit) allowed is 140 mph.

Bill had also entered his 928 in the 125 mph class. Last year he entered the Pony in the 120 class, but because of a problem with his helmet he was limited to the 110 class. This year he had a new helmet and was ready to go.

I again chose to enter the Grand Sport Division, in the 145 mph class. This Division has a tech speed limit of 165 mph, and requires the car to be equiped with rollbar, racing harnesses, fire extinguisher, and Z rated or better tires. The driver and navigator are required to wear a full racing suit, SA95 Helmet, neck collar, arm restraints, fire resistant boots and gloves. The car had run so well at Bonneville, that I decided to leave everything alone.

The Porsches

George A Suennen/Tim Bosserman
1990 928 S4
Grand Sport 145 class

Roger and Bill Greene
1999 Carrera
Grand Sport 140 class

Fred Wagner
1996 993 Turbo
Grand Touring 130 class

Rich Sanders
1980 928
Grand Touring 125 class

William Ball
1989 928 S4
Grand Touring 125 class

Watt Web/Roland Roth
2002 GT2
Touring 120 class

Dave and Tom Moore
1998 GS400(1987 928 S4)
Touring 110 class

928 Results
Division Target Number Driver/Navigator Model Finish Times/Avg Speed
145 mph
George A Suennen
Tim Bosserman
90 928 S4
34:33.563 (-0:00.782)
145.055 mph (+0.055)
125 mph
Rich Sanders 80 928
40:05.940 (-0:00.300)
125.016 mph (+0.016)
Bill Ball 89 928 S4
39:58.610 (-0:07.630)
125.398 mph (+0.398)

Radar Speeds
Driver/Navigator Target Radar #1 Radar #2 Trap #1 Trap #2 Finish
George A Suennen 145 mph
161 mph
139 mph
161.90 mph
163.04 mph
142.1 mph
Rich Sanders 125 mph
137 mph
121 mph
131.87 mph
133.93 mph
101.9 mph
Bill Ball 125 mph
139 mph
125 mph
135.20 mph
136.43 mph
112.3 mph

All in all the cars ran beautifully. Thanks to MKM for hosting the event and DEVEK for all their help getting my car ready. I look forward to doing it again next year.

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