Bonneville 100
1990 928 S4 

June 19-22, 2003

Open Road Rally
Wendover, Nevada to Elko County Line

This was the second running of the Bonneville 100 on highway 93A from Wendover, Nevada to the Elko County line. MKM Racing Promotions,, again organized the event and did an outstanding job. Mike and Marsha along with the rest of the staff and volunteers work may tireless hours making the event happen.

This year three 928s signed up. Richard Sanders in his 1980 928 Ex-Callaway with 84 Euro S engine with Robert Spencer as the navigator in the Touring Division, 110 mph class. Dave Lomas in his 1986.5 928S in the Grand Touring Division, 125 class and me and my 1990 S4 in the Grand Sport Division, 150 class.

Richard drove up from the Central Valley Wednesday with Spencer and Anne in the support vehicle and stayed in Reno. Thursday morning he top off his tank, and left for Wendover. About 26 miles outside of town, the engine started to miss fire. After a few miles he decided to pull over and check it out. After a few calls to DEVEK and his friend in Reno, he decide to leave the car in Reno and continue on the Wendover in the Toyota.

In the mean time I left the Bay Area on Thursday morning. I drove up with Steve S. I passed Rich around 2 PM. He saw me drive by and called me on the cell phone. After a short conversation I continued on 80, while Rich and company waited for the tow truck. I arrived in Wendover around 7:30 and check in at the Stateline Nugget, the host hotel for the event. I stop by Registration and got my decals and numbers.

On the trip up I had experienced some sever vibrations from 75 mph up to 120. I had talked to Susan at DEVEK, and after consulting with the gang, and ruling out a few things that I'd had already checked it was decide I should get the wheels rebalanced. I had dynoed my car on Tuesday, and I might have spun the tires on the wheel.

The Porsches

George A Suennen/
Richard Sanders
1990 928 S4
Grand Sport 145 class

Roger Greene
1999 Carrera
Grand Sport 135 class

Fred "Flames" Wagner
1996 993 Turbo
Grand Sport 130 class

Dave Lomas/Robert Spencer
1986.5 928 S
Grand Touring 125 class

Ted Strnot
1988 Carrera
Grand Touring 125 class

Martin and Anne
1968 911
Touring 110 class

Friday morning I went to Tech to get my car inspected. While there Rich approached me about being my naviagator. He had brought all his equipment, which was up to Grand Sports specs. The only thing he didn't have was arm restraints, which were just required this year for the 145 and up classes. As luck would have it, Randy Rideout, who had entered his 82 Trans Am in the 135 class had brough his and offered to let Rich borrow them. We then went over to registration, and signed Rich up. While there he picked up his numbers and transferred his reg fees to the Pony Express.

We then drove out to the practice location. On the way, I demonstrated the vibration to Rich. We got to the starting location a little early, and after a short discussion, we decide to go to the city of Wells and get the rear tires balanced. Wells is about 60 miles west of Wendover, and is the closest city with a tire shop. I stopped at the Les Schwab Tire Shop and arranged to get the tires balanced. I took off each wheel, and let them do there work. After I had reinstalled the last wheel, I asked, "how much?" Well they were very generous, and said no charge.

Sunday was race day. We were to report to the pre-grid, third deck of the parking structure, at 7;00 AM. When we got there, it was a mess. Cars all over, military trucks, private vehicles, and participants scrambling to get to their assigned slots. Apparently the hotel management forgot to block off the 3 level, and people continued to park there. It was decided to move the pregrid to the Nevada Welcome Center parking lot. After all the cars were on pre-grid and the course workers and emergency vehicles were in position we were called to the starting grid (8:45 AM). There we got into our assigned positions and had a short driver's meeting. Around 8:10 AM the first vehicle rolled up to the starting line. At 8:18 I roared off the line and started my Southbound run.

Rich read off the course notes,"Left 140 short. Gentle left hand sweeper into 3.9 mile straight", "130 Left, short. Gentle left hand sweeper". I just kept my foot on the floor and pointed the car in the right direction. I was able to get through the turns at 5-15 mph faster then the course notes. The car handle beautifully, and the engine ran great. We crossed the finish line at 21:22.34 on Rich's stop watch, right on time.

We parked in a lot at the 93/93A junction. We waited there until all the cars had finished the up hill run. After a sweep of the course, we assembled for the return run. At 12:58, I started down the short straight to the 130 mph right hand sweeper. The wind had come up, and we had a 20-30 mph crosswind on some of the high passes. I had to take the downhill run at a more cautious pace through some of the turns, and use the long straights to get back the time. We were able to cross the finish line at 42:02.67, .19 seconds slow. Of course this was on the stop watch, the offical time would be announce at the awards dinner later that night.

928 Results
Division Target Number Driver/Navigator Model Finish Times/Avg Speed
145 mph
George A Suennen
Richard Sanders
90 928 S4
21:22.520/20:40.567 (+0.604)
144.965 mph (-0.035)
125 mph
Dave Lomas
Robert Spencer
86.5 928 S
24:43.977/23:57.868 (-4.235)
125.181 mph (+0.181)

Official Results

Radar/Trap Speeds (South/North)
Target/Limit Driver/Navigator Radar #1 Radar #2 Radar #3 Radar #4 Radar #5 Trap Speed
145 mph/
165 mph
George A Suennen
Richard Sanders
164 mph
147 mph
137 mph
156 mph
153 mph
159 mph
141 mph
158 mph
143 mph
163.845 mph
162.866 mph
125 mph/
140 mph
Dave Lomas
Robert Spencer
129 mph
123 mph
127 mph
126 mph
124 mph
124 mph
126 mph
136 mph
115 mph
117 mph
129.032 mph
124.121 mph

Official Radar Results Official Trap Results

After the awards dinner and a 2 hour delay, the preliminary results were annouced. Dave Lomas and Robert Spencer got a 2nd in their first rally, in the 125 mph class. They had made a small miscalulation on the return run, and came in 2 seconds too soon, instead of too late. Rich and I got 2nd in the 145 class, just .006 mph behind David and Pat Bone. To round out Team Porsche's results Fred Wagner got a 1st in the 130 class and Roger Greene got a 2nd in the 135 class.

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Video Clips (No sound)
My car
Dave's car
South bound

5.7 Mb
North bound

9.0 Mb
South bound

12.6 Mb
North bound

3.6 Mb
These videos were provided by Quinn Capson who was working the corners with his new bride, Meg and other family members.

In car Video
5 Minute Clip from the South bound leg
Turns 3 - 16 (117 - 163 mph)

50 Mb
30 Second Clips from the South bound leg
Turns 3-4 (134-161)

5 Mb
Turns 5-6 (134-140)

5 Mb
Turns 6-8 (122-138)

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